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Founded in 1969, Software AG is an enterprise software company with over 10,000 enterprise customers in over 70 countries. The company is the second largest software vendor in Germany, and the seventh largest in Europe. Software AG is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “SOW” and part of the technology index TecDAX.

A former SoftwareAG employee recounts his experience working for the company in an "Indeed" review on October 16, 2017:

""Software AG provided, at that time, a set of UI development tools and a database which was proprietary (not even SQL compatible). Very difficult to sell."


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Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at Software AG full-time for more than a year Cons: Management Marketing Negative culture No strategic/tactical plan for sales, marketing, partners Sales Management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Software AG full-time Cons: German process at its worst - unable to exploit good new opportunities - look at who stayed..."

Current Employee - Inside Sales Representative says

"I have been working at Software AG full-time for more than 3 years Cons: It's true we sell the most complex solutions in the world. This is why I've closed one account in twelve months."

Current Employee - SDR/BDR says

"I have been working at Software AG full-time for less than a year Cons: Per the title recently posted that to Glassdoor, they are trying to trick you into accepting this position. The SDR/BDR team (whatever you want to call it), is ineffective. Certain individuals you (know who I'm talking about)....make your life miserable from the day you step foot in the door. Be careful when accepting this fact stay away. Culture is not great....they pretend like they go out and do stuff but they are terrible at organizing, let alone run a SDR/BDR team. Oh you want to take a PTO day for an extended prepared to get lectured on why you shouldn't go and why you need to stay in the office to "make more calls.""

Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"I worked at Software AG full-time for more than a year Cons: Fair amount of dishonest communication from upper-management. Promises made but once hired you'll get the "You have to do what's best for the company. This is what you signed up for" rhetoric. Absentee managers from both SAGGS and clients make it as difficult as possible to have your performance accurately portrayed."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at Software AG full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Executive management are liars. Do not pay commissions. Sexual harassment runs through VP offices. President is out of his league. Management is a revolving door. Attrition is well over 100%. Every day is a new "strategy". Zero customer commitment post sale. Could go on..."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at Software AG full-time for less than a year Cons: Software AG Government Solutions is terrible place to work and I am not exaggerating. Leadership is poor from the top down. I was in sales, and getting other people/teams to support sales efforts is near impossible. The office is dead. There is zero energy or camaraderie. No one cares about the company or the success of anyone else but themselves. I would dread my drive in to the office, knowing I was entering the most boring place in northern VA. Usually small companies like this (50 employees or so) have great leadership and a high team spirit. This is the opposite of that. Sales is hard enough, but sales at Software AG Government Solutions is as difficult as it gets. It's near impossible to work well with anyone in the office. It is you against the world. I do not recommend anyone work here whether you are in sales, IT, business dev, HR, etc."


"I worked at Software AG for more than 3 years Cons: The company has alienated their customers and totally missed the move to the cloud. Their desire to protect their maintenance stream will cause significant attrition to their overall business. they do not treat employees well."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at Software AG full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Senior leadership is very bad. Way too much short term decision making and no long term market strategy people in US don't feel appreciated Lack of vision and direction"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Software AG full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management changes like the wind. We had 3 CEOs of North America in 3 years. They recently let go 45 people. They don't care about people, only revenue. Someday they'll realize people generate revenue."

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Software AG provided, at that time, a set of UI development tools and a database which was proprietary (not even SQL compatible). Bery difficult to sell. Cons: outdated technology"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Société old school"

Executivo de Vendas (Former Employee) says

"A empresa passa constantemente por mudanças organizacionais que impossibilitam estabelecer-se uma cultura colaborativa e positiva, assim prevalecendo a competitividade, o interesse individual das áreas e do individuo. Cons: Cultura"

HR Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very polarised team and organisation. Micro management is the DNA. This is run by few Finance, sales and HR people who are working for more than 15 years. No innovation, training and growth. Cons: The company do not accept change, innovation and creativity. They talk a lot but the talk is talk and walk is walk..."

Presales (Current Employee) says

"This company would rather profitably shrink into obscurity than invest in growth and innovation. There is no path for advancement. They don't value employees, neither as contributors nor for their ideas. Cons: Cost obsessed - impacts travel, compensation, R&D investment, IT resources, etc."

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Gode produkter, men dårlig salgsledelse gjorde det svært at sælge på det danske marked Cons: Kundesegmenter, eksisterende kunder"

Analista (Current Employee) says

"Es una buena empresa para ir a morir allí. No hay ningún tipo de promoción, ni posibilidad de ascenso. Cons: Sin posibilidad de mejora"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Its exciting working with different project, acquired extensive consulting experience"

Regional Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Software AG North America is struggling under current leadership. Leadership has implemented radical changes that has seen top sales performers migrate to other opportunities. Cons: Poor customer relationship management"

Regional Software Client Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"The solutions are good and the technology sound however the management tends to micromanage their sales process that at times you spend more times on internal reports than attending to your professional work with your customers. Cons: Micromanagement"

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"Easygoing work environment and a ton of products to learn and sell. Good people that value good work and great benefits. Lots of opportunity to grow internally."

SVP, Global Consulting & Education Services (Former Employee) says

"40+ year old German company with a very driven CEO that is transforming the company, one acquisition at a time. At times, the company feels too rigid."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"experienced dramatic leadership changes annually which leads to an ever changing work environment. Must be extremely adaptable to change, last minute projects, and unstructured work environment. Good people on the job, established some great friendships. Pretty large turnover of over 90% of sales force last year (2013). Lots of ongoing training and deployment of solution selling and product updates as company continues to acquire more companies. Benefits good- offer a community day (paid day for volunteering)+ most major holidays Cons: minimal room for advancement unless you're in sales, with acquisitions company has much to learn in welcoming and embracing the new "family" members, more focus on individual contributions vs balance between team and individual contributions"

Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The right place to learn the technology under work pressure."

Engineering Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A good organization if you already are polished in some skill sets. For learners, would/may be difficult to get into the system, since already running processes are way somewhat rigid. Cons: Distributed teams and members, need to overlap more sometimes"

customer says

"I have just realized my tax return was not issued in January, as I thought. This application is not clear at all. I am not renewing it next year."


"Never managed to get the software to work. Got put on autorenew. Received email telling me my card expired so I did not bother cancelling. But then they managed to charge my bank account directly. Initially refused to refund me although did eventually do it."

Joseph Farthing says

"Automatic renewal and price increase during the coronavirus. Missed the emails because of the situation. Unhelpful customer service asking us to think of their business and not cancel or refund."

Rowan Ling says

"a nice little service, but in light of the coronavirus and millions of self-employed people on the verge losing their livelihoods they decide to increase their subscription price by 53%. They claim it's for new features, but there's nothing new of any value, just money grabbers that prey on others in their darkest time of need. Avoid - use another service, even if it costs more. These people are crooks."

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